2002 - 2008
In the march towards global standardization in our consumer society, producing things of the same quality and thus eliminating differences and gray areas has been encouraged. Yet, we still hope to be different from others. Between these contradictions, Schmuck Quickies has departed.

In a hair salon like set up – one mirror, one chair, and a lot of material—I create customized jewelry for volunteers on the spot. Questions such as, “What kind of jewelry shall I make for you?” are asked at first. Then, I start creating according to the participants’ answers.

The project aims to revive dialogues that were exchanged between a dressmaker and wearer. Ideas, opinions, as well as mundane topics were spoken while bodylines were pinned down.

All of the materials for Schmuck Quickies come from local objects that have lost their original use. One of the simplest forms of jewelry was to take things that were available in one’s environment and to put them on body. Making jewelry that is individual can also mean reassessing what is available in our every day life.

Basic Data
Berlin, Munich, Güstrow, Schwerin, Cham (Germany); Tokyo, Niigata (Japan); Middlesbrough, Saltborn (England); St.Polten, Krems (Austria); Sydney, Melbourne (Australia); Zurich (Swiss); Meran (Italy)
Number of participants
20 - 25 P per performance (duration 2 hours)
Recycled materials collected at each site
Set up
Yuka: "What kind of jewelry can I make for you? Any materials do you like here or any wishes?"

Participant: "I need to photograph tonight. Something around the face, but not on the shoulders."
left:"I want to have the strongest look of all so that no one can beat me. It looks like a but. Great! Add some more of that blue stuff."

right: "I would like to have a piece like a pet that you can carry and walk around with."
left: "Something for art openings."

right: "I like this, this, this, and this material. Something Sci-Fi."
"We work at the emergency station. No jewelry for us. We have got no time. Name tags can be useful."