Clothes hanging on streets, hanging out to dry in Italy and France show traces of the residents and at the same time ornament public spaces. Oyama sought to reconstruct this in Neukolln, Berlin.

The area has a high population of non-German-speaking foreigners and Germans who are mostly either retired or young and recently moved to the area.

Oyama visited schools, as well as youth, senior, womenfs, and neighborhood groups with a workshop trolley. Participants brought T-shirts and wrote or painted wishes on them. The T-shirts were then installed in the Kindl-Boulevard Shopping Center.

In exchange for the T-shirts, Oyama gave workshops and taught people how to fold paper cranes.
//Basic Data//
Kindl-Boulevard Shopping Center, Hermannstr. 214 - 216, 12053 Berlin, Germany
48 Stunden Neukölln, Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln, e.V., Center Management
Corridor 12m x 3m
Mobile L6m x B5m
Presentation duration
June 21 - July 21, 2008
Workshop Period
May 15 - June 13, 2008
Number of participants
Approx. 400 P
3 - 75 years old
T-shirts and undershirts brought by participants, paints, paper, steel, aluminum
Becky, Jenny Johannsenn, Erin, Jan, Kamil, Axel
Hertling GmbH & Co.KG, Die Kuriere Eurologistik Berlin, a-media/agentur fE kommunikation GmbH, Druckwerkstätten Osloer Straße
Kindl Boulevard Shopping Center, Berlin
Mobile 6m (hight) x 5m (width)

Photo: Thomas Bruns
//Drop-in Workshops//
Drop-in workshop concept for WUNSCH WEAR I visited schools, youth-, senior-, womens'-, and neighborhood-groups with a workshop wagon, which was attached to my bicycle. Participants wrote or painted (sometimes both) wishes on a T-shirt, which they brought.
//Workshops with Senior Groups//
In Germany there is a saying that if one tells what one wishes, it does not come true. For this reason, many people hesitated to openly write down their wishes.
For workshops done with senior groups, several colorful paper strips were handed to each person. We decorated a tree with paper chains made with the strips, where wishes were written, but kept unseen.
I want a cat.
I want a pet.

I want a Dalmatian.